Linux Administration for DevOps Book


Linux is used in most servers for many services, such as web servers, contents hosting, database servers, FTP servers, telecom servers such as PBX, load balancer, firewall and router, yes Linux can turn PCs and servers into routers and firewalls instead of buying hardware appliances.

Currently more than 90% of internet servers are Linux according to many statistics, and top sites on the Internet are using Linux.

As a free OS, we can install Linux as much as we need in virtual machines, cloud servers, new PCs, old PCs, physical servers, single board computers, for testing, for production, for commercial, non-chimerical, and for academic institutes.

Author Motaz Abdel Azeem

Book License
Creative Commons

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  • Files and directories commands
  • Redirection to a file    
  • Grep command    
  • Piping    
  • Processes    
  • Killing processes    
  • Switching commands to background    
  • CPU and Memory usage    
  • Installing packages    
  • Files Permissions    
  • Files information    
  • Connecting to remote server
  • Crontab jobs    
  • Networking commands    
  • Static and Automatic IPs
  • Routing and gateways
  • Networking troubleshooting
  • NGINX Web server
  • Load balancing
  • IPTables
  • Display system information